Summer sips: Sweet Iced Tea


Being in a heatwave and south of the equator, I think Sydney qualifies as southern. And there’s nothing more ‘Southern’ and simple to make than sweet iced tea! And it’s so refreshing on a hot day.

You’ll be my sugar baby, I’ll be your sweet iced tea
You’ll be my honeysuckle . I’ll be your honey bee
-Blake Shelton’s “Honey Bee”

This recipe makes a medium-sweet tea. Everyone has a personal preference for how sweet is sweet enough. Add more sugar or honey, to taste.

You can make this tea in a saucepan at home, but if you’re in an office without a kitchen stove, use a teapot and let the teabags drawn for a full 5 minutes.

Sweet Iced Tea

Makes 7 teacups of iced tea

You’ll need:

3-cup capacity glass serving jug – glass if possible
3 cups of filtered water
2 teabags, regular black tea
¾ cup caster sugar or ½ cup of honey
7 cups of chilled water
Ice cubes, several trays
Lemon wedges
Orange wedges (optional)
Fresh mint leaves (optional)

Cool the jug in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, until needed.

Then, in a medium size saucepan bring the 3 cups of water to the boil. Add the teabags and keep on the boil for 1 minute.

Remove and discard tea bags. Add the sugar (or honey), stirring constantly until dissolved, then let the mixture cool down to room temperature.

Don’t place the tea mixture in the refrigerator as it will go cloud. Leave on your stove top to cool.

When cooled, pour half the sweet tea mixture into a 3-cup glass jug.

Top up with 1 ½ cups of cold water and stir well.

Add the lemon and orange wedges and mint.

Pour into individual glasses or teacups half filled with ice.
Slip a lemon wedge onto the side of the glass, and serve immediately.

(recipe from SOULICIOUS Soul Food cookbook, Awia Markey)

Refreshing Orange-Raspberry Blush


Feeling the heat? Cool off with an Orange-Raspberry Blush or two, or even three – they’re alcohol-free… 

This is a truly refreshing and easy to make drink that will have you seeing oranges in a whole new light!

(makes one)

8 fl oz glass
Juice from one Cara Cara navel, or red-fleshed navel orange
3T Raspberry cordial concentrate (I use Bickfords)
Ice cubes
Soda water

To make one Orange-Raspberry Blush, pour the raspberry cordial concentrate into a glass then pour in the freshly squeezed juice from one orange – preferably a Cara Cara Navel orange, if available. Or you can use any sweet-juiced orange.

Add 3-4 large ice cubes, then fill glass almost to the top with soda water.


If you like, you can dilute the cordial with water and make raspberry ice blocks.

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Minty-Lime Lassi

This very refreshing drink is my variation on a traditional lassi, which is a blend of yoghurt, water, and spices.

These yoghurt-based drinks originate from the Indian Subcontinent.

The addition of lime juice, fresh mint leaves, and ice is a cooling and satisfying thirst quencher.

Serves 2

1 cup (firmly packed) fresh mint leaves
1 cup of Greek style yoghurt
1 cup whole milk
2 tablespoons coconut sugar or honey
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
1 teaspoon finely grated lime zest
1 cup of ice cubes (add later)

Blend all ingredients except the ice until smooth and mint is finely chopped. Add ice cubes and blend again until ice is finely crushed. Pour into glasses.


Take the coffee train to Chillsville

DIY ChillsVille   Image: Awia Markey



Can’t take the heat, or just want to DIY and sip something different? Take your coffee to Chillsville and cool off on these hot Summer days…

ChillsVille Coffee
(serves one)

2 level tblspns pre-ground espresso coffee (if you don’t have a bag of coffee handy you could use a coffee pod – just break the seal with a knife)
1/2 cup boiling water
2 pinches of ground cardamon spice
1 pinch of ground cinnamon
1 tblspn honey, runny
1 cup cold milk
1/4 cup thickened cream
ice cubes
stalks of fresh mint, washed

Taste tip: This recipe has a mid-strength coffee flavour that isn’t too sweet. If you usually add sugar to your coffee then add more honey to suit your taste.

Put espresso coffee, ground cardamon, ground cinnamon into a small size (2 cup) French Press (plunger). Pour over boiling water, stir and let cool.

When lukewarm or cool, plunge the French Press and pour the strained liquid into your chilled glass or ceramic mug.

Add honey to taste, and mix well. Pour in milk, then spoon in cream and mix. Add a few mint leaves and mix through. Add enough ice to fill your mug, and garnish with a stalk of mint.

(Discard coffee grounds into your garden or pot plants)